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As family members live in the Lehigh Valley (located in Eastern Pennsylvania), San Francisco Bay area, Atlantic City (New Jersey) and Chicago area grants are typically limited to organizations serving these communities.

Bob and Susan Gadomski, founding trustees, are second generation Americans sharing Midwestern values and interests. Their careers and family have been centered in the Lehigh Valley since in the early 1970s. Most Gadomski Foundation grants are centered in the Lehigh Valley. 

Susan was a speech pathologist in public and private schools and agencies serving youth. Bob worked with Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. for 34 years, retiring as Executive Vice President. In addition, he has previously worked in private equity. Bob currently serves on several charitable and corporate boards.

Bob and Susan have been active in community affairs, along with civic and religious organizations throughout their lives. Their service on numerous boards and professional associations provides a grounding for how non-profit institutions should be managed to be successful. This experience is used in evaluating whether an organization is eligible to receive a grant. Financial sustainability and community impact are requisites for organizations receiving Gadomski Foundation grants.

The Gadomski Foundation intends to continue its financial contributions to organizations supporting education, under-served children, physical/mental health, the arts, and the local community. 

Dr. Elizabeth Gadomski, trustee, lives in San Francisco and has become increasingly involved in determining the direction of the Gadomski Foundation's grant-making. Her interests are in the arts, education, environmental/social responsibility, social justice, mental health, and cultural endeavors. With her direction, Black Rock Arts Foundation and the Burning Man Project represent new areas for Gadomski Foundation grants.

The Foundation was formed in 2007 and is a private foundation. Due to aggressive grant making in recent years, the Foundation is well ahead of distributing its target of 5.5% in annual grants. The Foundation is committed to ongoing support of charitable organizations through several multi-year grants; this currently limits new annual gifts. Therefore, at this time, we are only providing grants to organizations where The Gadomski Foundation can make a notable impact.

The family's philanthropic interests are broad. We are especially open to grants where our grant is matched by others. Many grants are made confidentially and anonymously.